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Roadside Workers and Professional Drivers Face Serious Risks in California

Roadside Workers and Professional Drivers Face Serious Risks in California

While there are many dangerous jobs in California, some of the most hazardous professions involve roads and highways. Whether you are a trucker, delivery driver, or roadside construction worker, you probably already know how dangerous these workplaces can be. All it takes is one negligent driver to end your career with serious injuries. Recent workplace accidents in California have highlighted these hazards, some of which may be less obvious than others. If you find yourself injured in such an accident, seeking the assistance of a California workers’ compensation lawyer can be crucial for navigating the complex legal process and securing compensation. Additionally, an experienced workers’ comp attorney in California can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the justice you deserve.

Caltrans Worker Killed by Wayward Truck

In May of 2024, it was reported that a box truck had veered into a group of seven Caltrans workers – killing one and severely injuring another. The crew was attempting to clean up Route 71 in Chino Hills. It is not clear why the truck driver lost control, although authorities confirmed that he was not impaired. No arrests were made, and the Highway Patrol is still trying to determine what caused the truck to veer into a group of people. 

Delivery Drivers and Truckers Continue to Die Under Strange Circumstances

Although roadside workers face serious threats from passing trucks, the drivers of those trucks also face serious hazards on a daily basis in California. Delivery drivers also encounter serious threats from savage dogs, car accidents, and even bitter co-workers. 

In May of 2024, a UPS driver was shot and killed by a co-worker in Southern California. The defendant allegedly followed the victim while he was making deliveries in his UPS truck, eventually pulling up and firing 14 rounds through the front window. 10 bullets struck the victim and caused fatal wounds. Both individuals had spent their childhoods growing up together, and authorities are still trying to determine what motivated the shooter. This is not the first time a work-related shooting has claimed the life of a California worker, and the State is still reeling from a recent mass shooting on a mushroom farm. 

Also in May, a man was sentenced given 16 years to life for fatally stabbing a trucker in Southern California. The murder occurred in 2022, and it was described as a “random knife attack” by authorities. No one ever determined why the defendant stabbed the trucker. In related news, the death of a trucker in California led investigators to uncover serious workers’ compensation fraud and $2 million in underreported payroll. Among other things, the owner of the company fraudulently classified the trucker as a “salesperson” to reduce insurance costs. For those navigating the aftermath of such incidents, seeking help from a workers’ compensation law firm in Inland Empire can ensure that victims’ rights are upheld and they receive the compensation they deserve.

Contact an Experienced Inland Empire Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

A workers’ compensation attorney in the Inland Empire can offer meaningful assistance to roadside construction workers, truckers, delivery drivers, and others who were injured on the job. Contact the workers’ comp law firm Moga to pursue compensation with confidence and efficiency. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to pursue compensation from both workers’ compensation and standard car accident lawsuits. Book your consultation today by calling us at 909-931-2444 to discuss these options in more detail. 


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