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California Permanent Disability (PD) Benefits

Attorney Scot Thomas Moga

25 YEARS Experience Assisting California’s Workers with Permanent Disability Benefits

While most workers fully recover from their job-related injuries and illnesses, some do not and continue to experience medical issues. In the event of lasting injuries, California workers’ compensation insurance provides for the payment of permanent disability (PD) benefits. Moga Law Firm has significant experience helping injured workers receive the disability benefits entitled to them under the law. Let our team of highly skilled Upland workman’s comp lawyers evaluate your case and personally guide you through the benefit claims process step by step.

Defining and Identifying a Permanent Disability

Unlike a temporary disability, a permanent disability is a lasting injury or illness that reduces an individual’s earning potential after the optimum level of medical improvement is reached. Although you may be able to return to work, you are still entitled to PD benefits if your injury or illness is determined to be permanent.

The determination of a permanent disability is made by a doctor, and it is based on a finding that no change is likely after the injury or illness has stabilized.

Because the amount of PD benefits available to any person is limited by law, it is extremely important to have your workers’ comp case handled by an experienced workplace injury attorney in Upland, CA. At Moga Law Firm, we help clients with permanent disabilities secure benefit payments that cover as much of their lost income as possible given legal limits.

Determining the Amount of Available Permanent Disability Payments

Permanent disability payments are set by law, and your claims administrator will determine your specific PD benefit amount based on the following three factors:

  • Your disability rating, which is expressed as a percentage (for example 30% disabled, 60% disabled, or 100% disabled)
  • The date of your injury
  • Your wages prior to the injury

Given the complex nature of determining permanent disability benefits, it is in your best interest to have a qualified Upland workplace injury attorney represent you throughout the workers’ comp claims process. We can help ensure that your employee rights are protected from day one.

Don’t Wait to File a Claim If You’ve Been Permanently Disabled due to a Workplace Accident

If you have a permanent disability as the result of a workplace injury, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced Upland workers’ comp attorneys at Moga Law Firm. Call 909-931-2444 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our knowledgeable team of lawyers can assist you with filing a workers’ compensation claim or appealing a workers’ compensation denial. Se habla español.

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