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Workers’ Compensation After Factory Amputation in California

Workers’ Compensation After Factory Amputation in California

Amputation is a serious risk for anyone working with heavy machinery in California. This is perhaps one of the worst injuries imaginable for many factory workers, and it affects numerous individuals each year. After suffering an amputation at a factory accident in California, it may seem impossible to continue with your life as normal. You might be unable to work effectively, and you might be forced to accept a lifelong disability. In addition, the medical expenses associated with amputations can be high and ongoing. 

Chicken Processing Plant Associated With High Number of Amputations

On February 9, 2024, the Fresno Bee exposed serious safety risks at a poultry plant near Fresno. The plant employs hundreds of mostly Latino immigrants who work long hours. These workers come into contact with chemicals, fumes, and excessive noise from meat grinders. But the real danger comes from the machinery and the razor-sharp boning knives, the Fresno Bee writes. 

Many workers have suffered serious injuries after getting caught in the meat grinders at this specific plant. Although many California residents might assume that other jobs are more dangerous, poultry processing is actually one of the most hazardous occupations in the entire nation. Workers in this industry face numerous potential injuries, ranging from repetitive strain to chemical burns and amputations. 

Amputations are perhaps the most shocking injuries faced by factory workers in California. According to the Fresno Bee, a handful of workers suffered amputations during a five-year period at this one plant alone. Some lost their lives. 

Over the years, numerous people have suffered amputations while working at food processing plants throughout the nation. Some of these companies have been fined, but safety violations continue to threaten workers. A common issue involves the loss of fingers caught in machines. 

How Does Workers’ Comp Help With My Amputation?

Workers’ comp should cover most of your medical costs associated with the amputation. It can also cover a portion of your missed wages. It is very important to pursue as much compensation as possible after a life-altering injury like an amputation. Without this compensation, it may be very difficult to support yourself within the next few years. 

While it is possible to pursue different careers after such a life-altering injury, you should also consider pursuing compensation for both past and future missed wages. Speak to your lawyer to learn more about how to maximize your potential workers’ comp payout. It may even be possible to file an injury lawsuit against a third party if your amputation was caused by someone other than your direct employer. 

Find a Qualified Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in the Inland Empire

If you have been searching for a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer in the Inland Empire, look no further than the Moga Law Firm. With our assistance, you can strive for the best possible outcomes – whether you have suffered a minor sprain or an amputation. We know how dangerous factory work can be, and we are ready to guide you toward compensation for your various damages. Book your consultation today to discuss your options.

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