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Why are Slips and Falls So Problematic for Seniors in the Inland Empire?

Why are Slips and Falls So Problematic for Seniors in the Inland Empire

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls represent the leading cause of death for adults over the age of 65. The Inland Empire is home to many of these seniors, and many families in California lose their beloved elder relatives due to this prevalent threat each year. Why are slips and falls so problematic for seniors? What kind of injuries do they cause? Perhaps most notably, how can we prevent and treat these injuries?

Slips and Falls Rob Seniors of Their Mobility

Often, a fall is the last straw that completely robs a senior of their mobility. Before the injury, they might already have walked with a cane or walker. They might have been very slow and weak, to the point where even a slight sense of disbalance sends them hurtling to the ground. 

After suffering a slip and fall, seniors often find themselves confined to beds and wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. From there, their health might rapidly decline. With no exercise and little control over their own lives, these seniors tend to waste away and suffer from an increasing level of additional health issues. 

These might include bedsores, infections, and many others. Often, seniors who were previously aging in place have no choice but to live at nursing homes after their falls. In these facilities, they become vulnerable to all kinds of abuse and often struggle to speak out against serious misconduct. 

What Kind of Injuries are Associated With Falls?

Seniors who fall might suffer a wide range of injuries. They might also be more vulnerable to injuries compared to other people due to several factors. First of all, their bones are almost always more brittle compared to younger individuals. Even a slight impact can cause these bones to fracture, while a child might strike the ground at much greater force and spring to their feet without a care in the world. 

Secondly, seniors are much less agile than younger people. Their leg strength and reflexes lead to a sluggish response as they lose their footing. Often, falling seniors appear to be moving in slow motion – unable to move their feet quickly enough to regain their balance. 

One of the most common injuries associated with a fall is a hip fracture. This injury not only robs a senior of their mobility, but it also has a high rate of fatal infection among the elderly. Another possibility is a head injury, which can spark the onset of dementia and lead to a wide range of motor control issues. 

Find a Slip and Fall Attorney in the Inland Empire

If you have been searching for a qualified slip and fall lawyer in the Inland Empire, look no further than the Moga Law Firm. With our assistance, you can pursue justice and compensation for your injured senior – providing much-needed access to medical treatment that could save their life. If you are a senior who has become injured, you also deserve the right to take legal action against negligent property owners. Reach out today to learn more during a consultation.

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