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What To Know in a Distracted Truck Driving Accident

Driving while distracted is incredibly dangerous and it can lead to serious accidents. These accidents are even more disastrous when the collision is caused as a result of a distracted truck driver. Unfortunately, driving while distracted is an increasingly rising concern along all of the nation’s highways. With more distracted drivers on the road than ever in the previous history, it is unfortunate that every person runs the risk of being injured by this careless action. If you or a family member was recently hurt in an accident caused by a distracted commercial truck driver, obtain the qualified legal support of a skilled personal injury lawyer. With more than 25 years of experience, Southern California’s premier Truck Accident Attorney Scot T. Moga can champion on your behalf.

What To Know in a Distracted Truck Driving AccidentState and federal laws do not take negligent truck drivers lightly. Whenever negligent drivers injure another, the injured party has the right to pursue legal action against the negligent party for compensation. With the support of the reputable Moga Law Firm, you can be sure that justice will be aggressively sought and maximum compensation will be secured. Consider scheduling a consultation with Attorney Moga today. You can arrange a free case evaluation by reaching out to the law firm 24/7 via the contact form found here.

Truckers Face a Slew of Distractions When On the Road

Driver distraction is a very common cause of many commercial truck accidents. Although driving while distracted is dangerous at every level, the issue is even more dangerous when the distracted person is driving a large, heavy semi-truck.

The following reckless actions committed while driving are common reasons why a trucker may divert his or her attention off the road:

  • Texting or talking on the phone,
  • Making web searches or looking for an address,
  • Eating a large meal that can require both hands,
  • Adjusting the radio station, and
  • Talking with passengers

Establishing Liability In a Negligent Accident Case

Any person who has been injured in a truck accident may be eligible for compensation from the negligent at-fault party. To successfully win a personal injury claim, it is necessary to demonstrate that the driver was being reckless at the time of the accident. For this reason, proving that the trucker was driving while distracted can be difficult, particularly when there is no video surveillance or witness testimony of the driver’s negligence. In most cases, it will be necessary to obtain company records to build a case against the careless driver.

In order to file a complaint with a court and ensure all necessary information is obtained from the trucking company, obtaining the support of a skilled attorney who has the resources and network is necessary to build a strong case. Establish liability in a trucking accident with the support of a well-versed attorney.

Contact a Knowledgeable Truck Accident Attorney

Distracted driving is regrettably a serious, yet common issue across the nation. Among the most distracted drivers are truckers, who drive for many hours at a time to transport goods. If you or a family member was recently hurt in a trucking accident, seek the qualified support of a proficient personal injury attorney.

Filing a personal injury claim for a distracted driving accident involving a commercial truck is no easy feat. With more than 25 years of experience, Attorney Scot T. Moga is prepared to handle your truck accident case and help you build a strong case against the reckless at-fault party. Consider contacting the Moga Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation today.

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