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What to Do if Accused of Staging a Car Accident in the Inland Empire

What to Do if Accused of Staging a Car Accident in the Inland Empire

In 2024, five Inland Empire residents were arrested for allegedly staging a car accident in Canada. The scheme allowed them to make off with a $30,000 payout, and this incident highlights a legitimate issue within the auto insurance industry. Not only do these scams defraud insurance companies, but they also make it more challenging for legitimate victims to pursue compensation after real crashes. What should you do if an insurance company accuses you of staging your accident in the Inland Empire?

If you find yourself facing accusations from an insurance company regarding the authenticity of your accident in the Inland Empire, seeking immediate legal representation from our team of experienced Inland Empire car accident lawyers is crucial to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment throughout the claims process.

Point Out That You Have No Connection With the Other Victims

Staged car accidents are often carefully planned ahead of time by conspirators. These people speak with each other before the “accident” happens, and they are often close friends or family members. Point out that you have never met these people and that you have no connection with them whatsoever. It is very difficult to prove that you staged a car accident if you never met the other motorists prior to the collision. 

Understand That Your Accident May Have Been Staged Without Your Knowledge

Other people may have staged your car accident – even if you were totally unaware of its pre-planned nature. For example, a motorist may have suddenly cut in front of you before slamming on the brakes – causing you to rear-end them. This motorist may have intentionally caused an accident in hopes of recovering an insurance payout. A fraudulent motorist may also wave you ahead, giving you the impression that they’re letting you go first through an intersection. As you move forward, however, they may suddenly accelerate into your path and cause a crash. 

After an investigation, the insurance company may determine that the crash was staged, and you may be wrongfully accused of being involved. In reality, however, you are a legitimate victim—and you deserve compensation. In this situation, you should highlight the other motorist’s dangerous driving and clearly indicate your belief that the crash was staged without your knowledge. 

You are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Insurance fraud is a serious crime, but you are always innocent until proven guilty in the United States. If the insurance company cannot prove that you staged the accident, you cannot face legal consequences. In addition, they must provide you with compensation if they fail to prove your guilt. Work with a qualified auto accident lawyer to push back against baseless accusations, establish your innocence, and pursue the compensation you deserve. 

Find an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in the Inland Empire

If you are facing baseless accusations of fraud as you pursue compensation after a car accident, a qualified auto accident attorney in Inland Empire can help. These legal professionals can gather evidence that proves your accident was legitimate. They can also refute allegations against you with strong counter-arguments, allowing you to pursue the compensation you deserve. Reach out to the Moga Law Firm by calling us at 909-931-2444 or booking an online consultation today to discuss your unique situation in more detail. 

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