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What Does TRIA Denial Mean for Workers’ Compensation?

The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, or TRIA for short, is a federal law that mandates the government to pay worker’s compensation claims based on terrorism. However, our lawyers found this Bill to be in uncertain waters at the end of 2014. TRIA was coming up for renewal, and many were worried that the House of Representatives would not pass the TRIA legislation. The House did end up passing TRIA but added a provision to remove some restrictions on insurance companies. This new provision made the Senate weary to pass the Bill, and it was left without passage in 2014.

On January 12, the President finally passed TRIA, and it now lives until it must be renewed again. It passed this year with a surprising wave of bipartisan support not experienced much in our current Congress. Our lawyers consider this a victory for the rights of workers. If you are ever in need of worker’s compensation, do not hesitate to call the trusted attorneys at the Moga Law Firm. Call 909-931-2444 today!

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