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Top Risks for Factory Workers in California

Top Risks for Factory Workers in California

Although California is in the process of revamping its manufacturing industry, the State already represents a global leader in this field. It is the top State in the nation in terms of manufacturing output, and it employs over 1.2 million workers in this specific field. California also exported $134 billion in manufactured goods during 2020 alone. Although these successes are truly praiseworthy, the breakneck pace of California’s manufacturing industry also puts many workers at risk each year. 

Risks for Aerospace Factory Workers

California has gained a reputation for being one of the top manufacturers in the aerospace industry. Companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corp, and many others design, manufacture, and test various aerospace technologies in California. Factory workers in aerospace manufacturing factories face unique risks. 

Perhaps the most pressing concern is the presence of toxic, flammable, or explosive components in the manufacturing process. This includes not only jet fuel but also a range of chemicals and coatings used to create various aircraft. Cobalt, nickel, and chromium also represent potentially harmful metals that can cause cancers. Other hazards include airborne dust and fumes. 

Risks for Pharmaceutical Factory Workers

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry makes up the most major manufacturing operations in California. The risks for pharmaceutical factory workers are somewhat obvious – including the presence of biological pathogens, poisonous fumes, and various other hazards. While small doses of medications may be acceptable for human consumption, factory workers risk being exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals. Unfortunately, few studies have examined the health risks faced by pharmaceutical factory workers – including the long-term effects of chemical exposure. 

Risks for Semiconductor Factory Workers

Semiconductor manufacturing represents a top priority for American interests in the modern era – and California is once again leading the way in this area. Factory workers involved in assembling semiconductors face a number of unique hazards, however. They may be exposed to a range of solvents, acids, caustic materials, toxic metals, and even radiation. 

Tragically, many workers who assemble semiconductors give birth to children with a range of defects. The effect on reproductive health is a relatively new issue – but various studies have established a clear link between semiconductor manufacturing and issues like malformation and reduced fertility. These studies often highlight specific materials, such as arsine and phosphine, which have been conclusively linked to cancer, miscarriage, and a range of other issues. While semiconductor manufacturing is a necessary priority for the United States, it cannot come at the cost of worker safety – or the viability of our children. 

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