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Tire Defects Causing Auto Accidents in California

Auto accidents account for a majority of personal injury claims in the State of California. There is a multitude of factors that can lead to an auto accident, one of which is defective tires. Usually, when a person buys a vehicle, the buyer will expect the vehicle to be in relatively good condition, work properly, and be safe. Sadly, this is not always the case. When a vehicle has a defective tire, the defect can cause a serious traffic accident that leads to significant injuries or even death. Under state law, injured parties are eligible for monetary compensation for their losses caused by the accident. As an injured person, obtaining qualified legal representation will help you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve. With many years of dedicated legal experience, Attorney Scot T. Moga can help.

Tire Defects Causing Auto Accidents in CaliforniaFiling and winning a personal injury claim in the State of California is not an easy process. When the auto accident was caused by an auto defect, the claim will be even more difficult to prove. Having successfully won millions in damage awards for his clients, Auto Accident Attorney Scot T. Moga can advocate on your behalf and help you secure the compensation you are owed. To learn more about how a dedicated lawyer can protect your legal rights and interests, consider contacting the Moga Law Firm by completing the online form found here.

Understand California’s Compensation Laws on Auto Accidents

The State of California has some of the busiest streets and highways in the nation. As a highly populated state, there are a significant number of accidents that happen each day. Fortunately, the state allows those injured in an accident the opportunity to seek monetary compensation for the damages caused by the accident. Through strict compensation laws, a person can recover monetary damages when the auto accident was caused by another party’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing.

The law on compensation can treat auto accidents as being either:

The state follows the tort or at-fault system when a person seeks compensation after an accident, which means the injured party seeking compensation will need to prove the other party was responsible for his or her injuries. Once this is established, the injured person will receive monetary compensation for the damages incurred.

Based on the state’s pure comparative negligence rule, responsibility for the auto accident can be shared between the parties involved. When seeking a claim, the injured person may also be deemed liable for causing the accident. When found partially responsible, the court will reduce the amount of award from the percentage found at fault.

Tire Defects Leading to an Accident

Most auto accidents are caused by negligent drivers, but some are caused by the negligence of another party, such as a vehicle tire manufacturer. Common defects that can lead to an accident may be caused as a result of the following:

  • Tire explosions,
  • Tread separation,
  • Sidewall tire collapse, or
  • Tire bead failure

When the auto accident has been caused by a defective vehicle part, compensation can be sought from the manufacturer of the defective product.

Legal Proficiency Matters in Securing the Compensation You Deserve

Auto accidents are unfortunately very common in the State of California. While many factors can lead to an accident, some accidents can be caused by defective tires. When this happens, multiple parties may face liability for the accident, including the other driver and the manufacturer of the defective tire. To ensure you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve after an accident involving a defective tire, consult with an established auto accident attorney.

The Moga Law Firm is an established law firm, focused on representing clients who have suffered injuries and losses as a result of another’s negligence. If another party in an auto accident caused your damages, consider contacting the Moga Law Firm to secure maximum compensation. Complete the online contact form here to get started on your case today.

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