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Should I Keep a Journal After My Car Accident in California?

Should I Keep a Journal After My Car Accident in California?

After a car accident in California, you may struggle with all kinds of emotions. Perhaps you feel anger and frustration toward the driver who caused your crash. Maybe you feel scared about invasive medical procedures after suffering serious injuries. You might be waking up in the middle of the night due to nightmares about your fiery car accident. Seeking guidance from Upland car accident attorneys can help you navigate these challenges. A journal can help you process these emotions – and it may be helpful when you take legal action. Our Upland car accident law firm is here to support you through every step of your recovery and legal journey.

Psychological Benefits of Journaling After a Traumatic Car Accident

Various psychological studies have demonstrated the benefits of journaling – especially after a traumatic event such as a car accident. Evidence shows that journaling can relieve the symptoms of PTSD – including fear or frustration. Some studies have even established a connection between journaling and faster physical healing. As a general rule, it is best to express your emotions rather than attempt to suppress them. A journal can help you speak your mind in a safe, reflective space. 

The Legal Benefits of Journaling

Keeping a journal after your car accident can also have legal benefits. One of your most important goals after your accident should be to establish your “non-economic damages.” These are your psychological or emotional losses, and they can be more challenging to prove compared to economic damages. A journal is one of the few ways to show the real “cost” of your experiences. 

For example, you might write a journal entry on the event of your brain surgery, reflecting on the risky nature of the procedure and your fears about death. You might also write about the traumatic memories of your accident, and how these invasive thoughts are impeding the quality of your life. Perhaps you will write about the self-esteem issues you experience after looking in the mirror and seeing serious burns after a fiery truck accident. You can present your journal entries in court as you strive to prove the legitimacy of your non-economic damages. 

Modern Technology Makes Journaling Easier Than Ever

Modern smartphone technology makes journaling easy. Instead of writing out journal entries by hand, you can simply record your thoughts with the video camera on your smartphone. You might also choose to record audio-only journal entries. 

Although this can make journaling easier, you must be careful to store the entries properly. Consider backing up your content. Provide a copy to your vehicle accident lawyer, or use cloud storage. 

Find an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Upland

If you have been searching for an Upland car accident lawyer who can guide you toward compensation after a car accident, contact Moga’s car accident law firm at 909-931-2444. We have helped numerous injured plaintiffs pursue compensation for their economic and non-economic damages after car accidents. During a consultation, you can discuss the benefits of journaling, your specific medical needs, and much more. Reach out today to get started. 


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