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Montclair, CA Workers Compensation Attorneys

Attorney Scot Thomas Moga
Workers’ Compensation is a federally mandated insurance program required by employers to financially compensate and provide for medical treatment for employees that are injured during the course of their job duties. Each state has enacted its individual laws that provide for the administration of workers’ compensation procedures, claims, payments, and legal proceedings. If you have become ill or have been injured while performing work as an employee, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. It is to your advantage that you know your rights so that you receive the appropriate compensation and medical care if you are injured or become ill on the job. Often, you’ll need to enlist the help of a qualified Montclair workers’ compensation lawyer.

Injuries that occur in the workplace or at a job site can be very complex. They can range from minor injuries that heal in just a few days or a few weeks to devastating and serious injuries that one may never fully recover from. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of a work-related injury, the Montclair, CA workers’ comp attorneys at Moga Law Firm can help you assess and determine what can be done while protecting your rights and helping you get what you are entitled to and deserve.

25 YEARS Experienced Montclair Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Attorney Scot Moga is a workers’ compensation attorney serving Montclair, California since 1996. We can help you determine if your injuries meet the eligibility requirements for California workers compensation benefits.

Work-Related Injuries That Qualify For Workers Compensation Benefits:

  • Stress-related Illness
  • Single Accident
  • Long-term Injury
  • Disease or Illness Due to Various Occupational Exposures
  • Aggravation of a Pre-existing Condition or Injury

The California Workers Compensation Benefits Process

The workers’ compensation claims process can quite complicated. There are several steps you will need to take to successfully file a workers compensation claim.

It is mandatory that you notify your employer of your illness or injury as soon as possible after it occurs. It is critical that you document your injury or illness in person or in writing immediately following the incident. You must file a workers compensation claim right away. Our skilled Montclair work injury lawyers are a valuable advocate during this process.

It is important that you cooperate with your insurance carrier and employer so they can investigate and validate your claim. This phase may be the most important because if your claim is accepted, you will begin receiving monetary compensation and medical benefits.

Once maximum medical improvement is obtained, you should undergo a new doctor evaluation. It is essential to your claim that you receive a proper and accurate evaluation during this step to accurately determine your current and future workers compensation benefits. It is wise for you to have an experienced workers comp attorney on your side, rather than relying on the determination of your employer’s insurance carrier.

If your claim is initially denied, appeal it. Let our knowledgeable and skilled lawyers represent you before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. We have the experience to advocate for your rights in these types of hearings.

How Can a Workers’ Comp Attorney Help With my Case?

The Workers’ Compensation system can be a maze of bureaucracy, paperwork and deadlines. Our skilled lawyers will help guide you through the necessary procedures to ensure that everything is in compliance with applicable California workers compensation laws. We will also help you obtain the best possible outcome.

When you are ill or injured, learning about the applicable laws and how they apply in your situation to obtain medical treatment can be overwhelming. That is why you need someone that has been through the process numerous times. Moga Law Firm asserts your rights to medical care and monetary compensation. Access to and coverage for quality care to treat your workplace injury or illness is paramount in your recovery. Prompt medical treatment is a critical step on your road to recovery.

Moga Law Firm offers assistance to employees in Montclair and throughout San Bernardino County who are filing workers’ compensation claims or appealing a workers’ comp claim denial. Call Moga Law Firm at 909-931-2444 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation, or contact us online. Se habla español.

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