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California Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

As many people in today’s world become more health-conscious as well as concerned about protecting the environment, they have turned to riding bicycles to and from work and school, as well as just riding for the pure joy of doing so in their spare time. However, as has always been the case, many automobile drivers are not eager or willing to share the road. Because of this, bicyclists often wind up involved in auto accidents, which lead to them sustaining serious injuries and then dealing with large medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and extensive pain and suffering. When these accidents occur, it’s important for injured cyclists and their families to seek legal representation from an experienced Southern California bicycle accident attorney such as Scot Moga at the Moga Law Firm. Scot is an avid cyclist having competed in dozens of events throughout California and Nationwide. Additionally, having been in 2 serious bike accidents involving motorists, he knows exactly what you;re going through.

Experience and Knowledge

Since these cases can be very complex, it’s vital that those who are injured have legal representation that has the experience and knowledge needed to win these cases. By working with us here at the Moga Law Firm, cyclists and their families can have peace of mind, knowing our bicycle accident liability attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to help them gain the financial compensation they deserve.

Why Do These Accidents Occur?

If a bicyclist is following the rules of the road, naturally these accidents should never happen. However, as we all know, it only takes the carelessness of someone behind the wheel to cause a serious accident. Whether it’s a driver making an unsafe turn, being distracted by their cell phone, or misjudging the space needed to safely pass a cyclist, a split second can change people’s lives forever. Because of this, even if an accident does not result in fatalities, it can lead to fractures, spinal cord injuries, or even the loss of a limb. Therefore, if a catastrophic injury does occur, the bicycle accident liability attorneys here at the Moga Law Firm can develop a winning strategy, helping victims and their families receive the financial compensation needed to pay medical bills, cover lost wages, and help ease endless pain and suffering.

Contact Our California Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a careless driver who maybe should never have been behind the wheel, contact our California bike accident attorneys at the Moga Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation. By letting our bicycle accident liability attorneys work for you, justice will be served.

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