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Ontario Workers’ Compensation Claims Attorney

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Since 1996, the knowledgeable team of Ontario workers’ compensation claims attorneys at Moga Law Firm have helped workers get fair compensation for injuries and illnesses sustained in the workplace. Receiving prompt and effective medical treatment is the first step to ensuring an injury does not severely impact your wellbeing or livelihood. We help clients receive the workers’ compensation benefits that cover the costs of necessary medical treatment.

Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment in the Inland Empire

In the case of workplace injuries or illness, seeking the advice of a qualified Ontario workers’ compensation claim lawyer is crucial, as timely action is required to avoid losing your right to benefits. If you become injured or ill because of your job, you should:

  • Seek medical care: In cases of emergency, call 911 for immediate help, or contact your employer for first aid.

  • Report your injury: Immediately report your injury to your supervisor or to your employer representative. Within one working day after learning of your injury, your employer is required to provide you with a workers’ compensation claim form. Within one day of receiving your completed form, your employer should authorize the provision of all necessary medical treatment, and will be liable for up to $10,000 in treatment until your claim is accepted or rejected.

  • Consult your primary treating physician (PTP): Your PTP has the overall responsibility for treating your job-related injury or illness.

  • Naming your own physician before injury or illness/pre-designation: In certain circumstances, you may be able to choose or pre-designate your own treating physician. If eligible, you must provide your employer in writing with the name and address of your doctor or medical group before your injury occurs, and your doctor must agree to treat you for your work-related injury.

  • Employer’s right to select treating physician: Alternatively, your employer has the right to select the doctor who will provide care for the first 30 days of your treatment, and after that time you may be able to switch to a doctor you choose.

  • Medical Provider Networks: Different rules apply if your employer is using a Medical Provider Network (MPN), which is a network of health care providers selected to provide medical treatment to workers who are injured on the job. Our Ontario workers’ compensation claims attorneys can advise you if your employer is a member of an MPN.

To summarize, if you designated a doctor prior to being injured on the job, then you can be treated by your preselected doctor. However, if you have not pre-designated a doctor and your employer uses a Medical Provider Network, you will be required to receive treatment from your employer’s selected health care provider. After your first medical visit as designated by your employer, you will likely be free to select a provider from the MPN list. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Ontario from our firm can help you assess your treatment options in the event of a work-related injury.

Contact Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Claims Lawyers in Ontario

Moga Law Firm provides assistance to workers throughout San Bernardino County who are filing workers’ compensation claims or appealing workers’ compensation denials. To learn more about receiving medical treatment under workers’ compensation laws, talk to an experienced Ontario workers’ compensation attorney. Call Moga Law Firm at 909-931-2444 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

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