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Big Bicycle Changes in 2015

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is excited about 2015 will bring to safer cycling in the big city. While 2014 saw some improvements, 2015 looks like it will cater more to a safer ride in San Fransisco. The major improvements are separated bike lanes, soft protection and cycle tracks that will all help keep bikers safe from cars.

Separated bike lanes are arguably one of the safest improvements for cyclists. These lanes physically separate bicycles from cars with permanent barriers. Comparatively, soft protection may be permanent but is something a car could run over with relative ease. The last major improvement, cycle tracks, are bike lanes that are raised up vertically. The vertical change represents a type of curb to drivers and thus makes it less likely that a car would encroach on a bike lane.

However, even with these coming improvements to bicycle safety, bike accidents do still happen. If you or a loved one are injured in a bike accident, please call the Moga Law Firm’s experienced attorneys at 909-931-2444.

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